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We are currently out of stock of our Bravo portion of the AB stack. We're currently producing more and can ship Alpha now and bravo when we're back in stock (~12/26) or hold to ship together. Thanks-DRS Racks.

The ONLY modular, stacking system is ideal for apartments, studios or even your family room. Anywhere horizontal space is limited, this AB14 gives you the maximum storage space available.


  • Save 50 dollars by purchasing the AB14 together
  • Built from solid, environmentally sustainable Bamboo
  • Holds 14 instruments (Bass, Guitar, Acoustic / Hollowbody and Electric)
  • Replaceable finish safe padded inserts are designed to allow easy access while keeping your instrument from falling out of the rack.
  • The deepest padded neck support on the market! 
  • The only system especially designed to accommodate offset and other asymetrical designs.
  • Both racks stack by pre-drilled holes and four 5mm pins. No special tools required
  • 38" w X 74" h x 18" d (88" minimum ceiling height recommended)
  • Flat packed to keep shipping costs to a minimum, these racks ship anywhere in the world and assemble with a single (provided) 4mm Allen wrench.


Need more than one complete A/B unit? Use the code " multirack " on check out to save 10% on your order. (Only applies to orders of 2 or more complete A/B stacks)

A/B Rack
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D36 Drawer
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