A Kauer Guitars Company



Our competitors products fall short in many area’s, our racks have been extensively tested from prewar favorites thru modern guitars. Here’s why DRS is superior:

  • Our racks are made from solid Bamboo for the sides and comb, not MDF or plywood or a couple of 2x4’s tacked together.

  • One of the biggest differences is where the necks rest in our racks. Our competitors use a thin strip of felt that does absolutely nothing to protect your instrument (and frankly, most of the contact ends up missing the felt anyways). Ours uses a specially made piece of Nitro safe foam that gives a 10mm of cushion keeping your instrument FAR from any hard surface.

  • The inserts for the neck rests are easily replaceable

  • Our racks are designed to insure that the instruments center of gravity naturally leans into our rack, not straight up or leaning out. Our competitors rely on straps or will only fit 100% symmetrical shaped designs to keep the instruments in. Almost all of the other racks on the market are inherently unstable by comparison. Why would you put your precious instruments on something less than stable?

  • Heavily padded base has been thoroughly tested as finish safe.

Why purchase from DRS?

First and foremost, DRS Racks was designed by Doug Kauer who is both experienced in interior design and hands on with his own brand of guitars Kauer Guitars. We have a long history of designing both tradition and odd shaped instruments and our racks have had to fit offset and asymmetric models that our competitors just don’t fit.

  • We’re also proudly made here in house in Sacramento, California. Your business is supporting jobs and families right here in California.

  • It’s the only expandable, stackable stringed instrument system anywhere. Future products and ideas will always be compatible with earlier racks.

  • It’s design is praised for being both unique and visually pleasing. We have DRSracks on stage, in the studio, on praise stages and living rooms around the world.

  • Flat packed, easily shipped, easily assembled.

  • When you call or email, you’re talking directly to Doug Kauer. We’re proud of what we build but we’re more proud of that if there ever IS an issue, you’re talking to the owner of DRS. Not a nameless faceless overseas produced item.